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Residential home

Average residential home
1 image - $450 plus gst
additional images from the same model - $250 plus gst

On a rare occasion a residential property is significantly more complex than the average home. After seeing the plans I may decide there will be a lot more work involved. In these cases I will let you know before starting anything and quote for the individual job.

Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings come in a greater variety of sizes and complexity than most residential properties.
The price for an average residential home is a good indication of the cost for most commercial buildings but I will quote after seeing the plans so there are no surprises for you.

Each job is so different that I can’t give fixed prices heer but I will supply quotes after seeing the jobs. I charge $100 per hour plus gst. As a guide, a calendar made up of 12 cartoons of company staff may take me about 2 hours per colour cartoon. That would come to about $2400 plus gst. You may want a black and white diagram to explain your product that takes between 1 and 2 hours to produce and the cost would be under $200 plus gst.
All prices are in New Zealand dollars. ( Click here for a currency calculator. ) GST (goods and services tax) only applies to clients in New Zealand.