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Dug Up New Old Stuff

Rummaging about I have found 3 old comics and some funnies. Well, I think they are funny. As I have said, I will be re-doing one of the comics but the other two aren’t so bad. They’re just not finished. more »

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The world’s just fine

Here is a little sketch I did of two friends chatting over a can of coke. Tweet

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Time to start Drawinz again

Now that my main site is kind of done it is time to look at again. I built that one on Joomla but I think I will do it in WordPress this time. WP is just nicer to look more »

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Welcome to the 2011 version of DrawingConclusions

I try, and usually succeed in creating a new site each year. The last couple of years have I struggled a bit to come up with something new but this year I have gone all out. I have finally finished more »

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